Peter Friedrich Stephan

Peter Friedrich Stephan is a designer, researcher, musician and author.
He works on the future of design and its interactions with science, humanities, economy and society.
Current projects include interfaces for knowledge work in cooperation with the
Humboldt University in Berlin, Institute of Internet and Society and the
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

As a full professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne his research interests focus on the relation of
knowledge, design and strategy with projects in experimental and business contexts.
He is also a guest lecturer at other universities like the Berlin University of the Arts,
where Peter will run a workshop in the 2014 Summer School on „How to design matters of concern“.

With a background in design and music Peter was a pioneer in multimedia design in the early 90ties
with projects for Apple, Burda, Bertelsmann, Medialab and Telekom.
In his research he did seminal work on „Wissensdesign“ (1995)
and „Cognitive Design“ (2005).
In 1994 he co-founded a program in Computational Design.
In 1997 he became a professor and since 2001 he is a partner
with the Institute of Electronic Business in Berlin,
their latest publication is a study of key factors of digital communication:
"Schlüsselfaktoren der digitalen Kommunikation" (in german).

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Projekte von PFS

Experimental design, theory und music.

Theorymachine, Design for social change

Rat der Internetweisen: Participatory design

Retromedia, Actor Network Theory and Design…

Raumstaben, Typedesign in Space

 Vinylaktit, Diploma 2014 by Jens Standke at Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Cologne Design Prize 2013 (more to come…)

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Topics: design research, knowledge formation and media theory.

Books as a co-editor: Events and E-Commerce, Springer 2000 and Knowledge Media Design, Oldenbourg 2005. Publications include chapters for books, papers for international conferences and lectures. Some of it can be downloaded from researchgate and will be completed continuously.

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Saalschlacht is a Berlin based band featuring Peter Friedrich Stephan on keyboards and Roland Aley on bass.
We like the energy of electro clash, the harmonic freedom of jazz and a melodic spectrum from blues to art rock. Our heroes include Sun Ra, King Crimson and Captain Beefheart. On our most recent tracks we feature Captain Beefheart with his vocals from Trout Mask Replica (1969): Well, The dust blows forward and the dust blows back, Orange Claw Hammer. We look for a singer (m/f) and an analog/digital drummer (m/f). Shows are planned for the end of the year. We produce with analog and digital instruments in our own studio in Berlin, including vintage instruments like: • Korg Polysix, upgraded to a KiwiSix by Anlogica/Poland. • Bontempi organ • Yamaha DX-7 • Roland Groovebox MC-505 On our soundcloud page you also find tracks from Peter´s bands from the 1980ties: • Zatopek (German New Wave/Jazz Punk) 1982/83
• Mint (Noise, Avantgrade) 1984-89  


Zentrifuge was a series of performances including live electronic and acoustic instruments, poetry and dance. (Academy of Media Arts Cologne 2006)

A group of students developed the pieces from scratch. Starting point was a seminar by Prof. Peter Friedrich Stephan at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Participants: Andres Bosshard, Alberto DiCampo, Alec Crichton, Echo Ho, Gregor Schütz, Frank Schulte, Yoshi Shibahara. [slideshow_deploy id='775']


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